Custody and Clinical Training

Across all disciplines, staff who work in correctional setting require training specific to working with offenders who have mental illness and behavioral disorders.  Correctional systems were not intended to provide care and treatment to the mentally ill.  Further, the seriousness and acuity of our mentally ill patients has grown over the past decade, as have the numbers of individuals with mental and behavioral disorders in our justice system. 

I am available to provide training on signs and symptoms of mental illness, collaborative management of mentally ill offenders, de-escalation, suicide prevention, management of self-injury, best-practices, self-care, behavior change, trauma-informed services and facility-specific needs.  My trainings are available virtually or through live training sessions and the content is tailored to address needs and cultural issues at your facilities.

I am also available to conduct training to support staff wellness, avoid burn-out and encourage self-care.  Especially during these trying times, staff need to feel supported by their leadership and find appropriate, not self-destructive means, to cope with stressors at work and at home.  My trainings in this area are founded in research and the concepts of positive psychology.  I provide practical, immediately accessible action steps staff can take to cope effectively and achieve better balance.


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