Correctional System Consultation

Constitutional law requires that all correctional systems provide adequate and necessary healthcare services to offenders.  Mental health services, including psychiatric and non-psychiatric care, are part of required treatment.  Given the growing number of individuals with serious mental health needs entering and remaining in our facilities, correctional systems, both large and small, are struggling with how to provide services which meet legal requirements.

By reviewing your current population, conducting a needs assessment, evaluating your current staffing, and completing an on-site review, I can provide an expert opinion regarding how to move your system into compliance with national standards which will meet legal requirements. I can assist with program development, quality improvement, cultural change, delivery of evidence-based mental health care, suicide prevention and self-injury reduction, system-wide, using best-practices in a sustainable and practical manner.  My consultations include recommendations for measurement of treatment outcomes to provide support for the efficacy of programming.


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