Facility-Specific Consultation

Unique challenges and risks faced by individual facilities related to self-injurious behavior, suicide, mental health needs that exceed current capacities, and deficits in staff training are addressed through individualized, tailored, specific (and realistic) recommendations and supports.

Treatment and management of mentally ill offenders requires an understanding of the needs of the facility as well as the individual patients.  Behavioral health programming includes treatment staff and security staff working in a coordinated fashion to ensure safety, access, and effective treatments.  By providing an on-site review of your facilities and an in depth analysis of your needs, I can provide hands-on support for developing a behavioral health program to meet the specific needs of your system.  Whether you are looking to develop programming for mentally ill offenders in restrictive housing, develop alternatives to restrictive housing, residential treatment programs, or outpatient services, I can help develop a strategy and staffing plan to meet your needs.

My consultations include a review of policies, applicable consent decrees or court orders, staffing plans, physical plant and desired outcomes. I conduct on-site interviews with facility leadership, behavioral health staff, program staff, medical staff, and offenders.  Based on this review and thorough understanding of the goals of the facility, I develop a written plan and recommendations for program development.  My consultations include recommendations for measurement of treatment outcomes to provide support for the efficacy of programming.


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