Speaking Engagements

Dr. Barboza has been invited and accepted to present at venues across the United States and internationally.  Below is a sample of recent and upcoming speaking engagments.

She provides training on behavioral health topics and inspirational speaking on self-care and living to one’s fullest potential.


Upcoming & Current Events

  • Listen to a recent interview with A Call to Mind – American Public Media https://www.calltomindnow.org/incarcerated-with-mental-illness
  • May 2024 – AIDS Educaion & Training Center (AETC) Northeast/Carribean sponsored talk with correctional dental providers in New York
  • June 2024 – Academy of Correctional Health Professionals (ACHP) webinar


  • April 2024 NCCHC Spring Conference
  • February 2024 ACCP Grand Rounds – virtual
  • September 2023 – Custody & Caring Conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • September 2023 – American College of Correctional Physicians (ACCP)
  • August 2023 – Correctional Grand Rounds – virtual workshop
  • June 2023 Association for Women Executives in Corrections (AWEC) webinar
  • April 2023 NCCHC Pre-conference workshop
  • October 2022 NCCHC National Conference
  • August, 2022 NCCHC Mental Health Conference
  • April, 2022 NCCHC Spring Healthcare Conference
  • November, 2021 NCCHC Correctional Healthcare Conference
    • An In-Depth Review of NCCHC’s 2015 Standards for Mental Health Services
      • Co-presentation with Judith Cox and Dr. Marci Mackenzie
    • Helping Individuals Cope with Trauma Through Yoga and Mindfulness
      • Co-presentation with Dr. Maria Masotta
    • Your Ethical Duty to Self-Care: Invisible Effects of Working in Corrections
  • July, 2021 NCCHC Virtual Mental Health Conference
    • An In-Depth Review of NCCHC’s 2015 Standards for Mental Health Services
      • Co-presentation with Judith Co.
  • April, 2021 NCCHC Virtual Spring Conference
    • Suicide Risk and Resilience:  Enhancing Protective Factors Among Incarcerated Patients
    • Behavior Change is Not Accidental:  Why Corrections Needs Behavioral Experts
      • Co-presentation Dr. Mary Perrien and Dr. Maria Masotta
  • October, 2020 NCCHC Virtual Correctional Healthcare Conference
    • Foundations of a Viable Suicide Prevention Program
    • An In-Depth Review of NCCHC’s 2015 Standards for Mental Health Services
      • Co-presentation with Judith Cox
  • June, 2020  NCCHC Virtual Workshop
    • An In-Depth Look at NCCHC’s 2015 Mental Health Services Standards:  Preparing for the CCHP-MH Exam
    • Co-presentation with Dr. Mark Fleming
  • May, 2020:  NCCHC Virtual Spring Conference
  • April, 2020:  COVID-19 Weekly Roundtable for Law Enforcement and Correctional Health Care

                     Presented by NCCHC and Major County Sheriffs of America

  • July, 2018:  NCCHC Mental Health Conference, Hollywood, CA
    • “Effective Crisis Management Strategies: Treatment Beyond Watch”
    • “Fostering Resilience in the Workforce: A Survey of Correctional Health Professionals”
      • Co-presented with Dr. Robin Belcher-Timme & Dr. Mark Fleming
  • April, 2018
    • St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Shakopee, MN
      • “Working Effectively with Mentally Ill Patients in Crisis”
    • NCCHC Spring Conference on Correctional Healthcare, Minneapolis, MN
      • Workshop: “Measuring Mental Health Treatment Outcomes:  Building an Evidence Base”
      • Pre-conference Seminar: “”Trauma-Informed Care:  How We Can Better Support Our Patients”
        • Co-presented with Dr. John S. Wilson
      • Pre-conference Seminar: “Continuous Quality Improvement: Strategies to Measure Change”
  • February, 2018:  NCCHC Continuing Education Webinar
    • “Use of Behavior Mangement Plans to Reduce Self-Injury”
  • November, 2017:  NCCHC Conference on Correctional Healthcare, Chicago, IL
    • Pre-conference Seminar “An In-Depth Review of NCCHC’s 2015 Standards for Mental Health Services”
      • Co-presented with Judith Cox
    • Pre-conference Seminar:  “Continuous Quality Improvement: Strategies to Measure Change”
  • July, 2017:  NCCHC Mental Health Care Conference, Las Vegas, NV
    • Luncheon Speaker:  “Practical Behavior Management Strategies:  Decreasing Self-Injurious Behavior”
    • “Crisis Intervention:  Planning and Implementing Effective Strategies”
      • Co-presented with J. Diane Kearns, LPC


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