Expert Opinion

Constitutional law requires that all correctional systems provide adequate and necessary healthcare services to offenders. Mental health services, including psychiatric and non-psychiatric care, are part of required treatment. National standards, state laws and federal statutes exist to address “how” services are to be delivered. Given the complexities of the correctional environment and the demands of all stakeholders, the provision of services can get complicated.

By reviewing policies, treatment documentation, incident reports, depositions, legal statutes and conducting a review of whatever is needed, I can provide an expert opinion regarding your client’s case.

My hourly fee is a flat rate and includes all consulting or expert witness activities including but not limited to on-site time, research, writing, phone calls, depositions, testifying in court, and travel. Fees are expected to be paid directly by the legal firm, not by a client or a third party.

It is critical that it is understood that regardless of the source of fees or referral for all evaluations, I operate as an independent evaluator and consultant. My conclusions and recommendations are offered in an unbiased, ethical and professional manner utilizing a best practices approach. As a consequence, the conclusions and recommendations that result may not always support the outcome which was anticipated or desired by counsel.


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