Clinical Consultation

Challenging clinical cases are present in all correctional facilities.  Whether patient needs are related to significant psychiatric symptoms, behavior dysregulation, frequent and intractable self-injury or suicide prevention, I can offer support.  I review each case through a lens of down-to-earth experience and evidence-based practices, to support patient improvement, staff education and provide a foundation for […]

Facility-Specific Consultation

Unique challenges and risks faced by individual facilities related to self-injurious behavior, suicide, mental health needs that exceed current capacities, and deficits in staff training are addressed through individualized, tailored, specific (and realistic) recommendations and supports. Treatment and management of mentally ill offenders requires an understanding of the needs of the facility as well as […]

Correctional System Consultation

Constitutional law requires that all correctional systems provide adequate and necessary healthcare services to offenders.  Mental health services, including psychiatric and non-psychiatric care, are part of required treatment.  Given the growing number of individuals with serious mental health needs entering and remaining in our facilities, correctional systems, both large and small, are struggling with how […]